Three Square Technology

Onset M Series

The Inca Onset M printing system offering a digital solution for B1 offset, screen and industrial printing markets. The Inca Onset M printer uses proven technologies found on high end printers such as the Inca Onset X Series and mid-range workhorse, the Inca SpyderX.

Material Handling

Configurable with full, semi or manual automation options allowing for the system to be tailored to your business needs. Full automation eliminates material handling on press maintaining productivity, reducing labour and allowing your operator to focus on print quality.

Digital Print Engine

Scalable, configurable print engine architecture that can be upgraded in the field to fit and grow with your business needs. Available as either a single or double CMYK configuration with the ability to add light colours, white and special inks.

Small Drop Print Heads

Small drop, 7pl print heads produce crisp 4pt text and smooth colour transitions ideal for close viewing distances. Recirculating print heads increase nozzle open time and reduces print head maintenance.

Automated Print Head Cleaning

Automated print head cleaning is proven to prolong the life of the print heads and used in conjunction with targeted manual cleaning, automated print head cleaning significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

Collision Avoidance System

State of the art mechanical collision avoidance system to protect your investment. Avoids substrate collision with print heads, UV-LED pinning lamps and the InQA scanner system.

Inca’s Software

Inca’s user interface is a powerful yet simple-touse printer and job management touch screen interface. IncaVision is a software-based customer support service unique to Inca allowing for remote monitoring and diagnostics of Inca’s printers in the field. IncaConnect allows for integration and customisation to existing workflows.

Auto Zoning Vacuum Table

Fixed position zero masking vacuum table designed for excellent stability, precision sheet hold-down and consistent print accuracy and print uniformity across the complete table area.

UV-LED Pinning and UV Final Cure

UV-LED pinning system custom designed and developed by Inca. Uses proven UV-LED technology with life expectancy exceeding 20,000 hours, reducing heat exposure to sensitive substrates, improving the drop registration and the overall print quality. Individually switchable UV-LED pinning for zero UV masking. Final UV cure through a tunnel provides excellent adhesion and durability.


Accurate registration and repeatability allows for ease of post-processing.


Printer TypeDigital, sheet-to-sheet, full width scanning
ProductivityUp to 202 sheets/hour
ResolutionUp to 1350 dpi
HandlingFull automation: feeder & stacker
MediaPapers: coated/uncoated, carton-board, micro-flute; Plastics: PP, PS, PVC, PE, PETG
Material SizeMax: 1050mm (41.3”) x 750mm (29.5”) x 10mm (0.4”)
Min: 530mm (20.8”) x 380mm (14.9”) x 0.1mm (0.004”)
Print Size1040mm (40.9”) x 714mm (28.1”)
(5mm (0.2”) margin on all edges)
RegistrationAccurate to +/-0.5mm (+/-0.02”) or +/-0.1mm (+/-0.004”) with optical alignment (optional)
Print HeadsFujifilm Dimatix QFR7
Ink TypeInca Ink
Ink Channels8 channels, 12 heads per colour
Quality4pt Western, 5pt reverse text
Configurations2 x CMYK
RIPCaldera, ColorGATE