Three Square Technology


Print&Cut software package built for Visual Communication applications

  • Unifies workflow from prepress to print & cut tasks
  • Ensures reliable color reproduction
  • Reduces job preparation and production time
  • Saves media and ink


Purchase one main license and share it with all computers (Mac and Linux) in your network. A Client computer requests different devices in your network to compute jobs, while a Server computer executes the requests. Add as many Clients and Servers as you need to drive an unlimited number of devices.


VisualRIP+ includes the necessary tools to help you make the best use of your resources. Reduce your ink and media consumption while maintaining the quality of your jobs and gain time while acquiring a better insight of your operations.


VisualRIP+ integrates an advanced cut module for a complete production workflow. Whether you use contour or XY devices, Caldera supports the best industry’s cutters.


Caldera’s Print&Cut packages include an easy and powerful color management solution: EasyMedia. This step-by-step wizard will help you reproduce colors consistently across all your print configurations and on any type of media.

Key features of Version 13

Print&Cut Mirror

For dye sublimation and backlit printing, this new feature will save up to 20% of prepress time by allowing you to mirror print and cut data directly in the RIP.


You can now adapt the order in which you print tiles to achieve significant onsite time savings during large tiling jobs, blueback and building wrapping.

CalderaJobs – Detailed View

Save time by managing a clean view of your past jobs. Archive, save or delete jobs while keeping track of production with a new, faster search engine and detailed job view.

Custom Annotations

This allows users to customise the information they include in annotations rather than the legacy Caldera standard or detailed information, saving space on media and allowing for circumstances when you can’t use a barcode or qrcode reader.


Save up to 60% of prepress time by automatically converting transparent backgrounds to spot channels.

Adobe Textile Designer Integration

Gives you the ability to design with confidence and print with accuracy, using a single streamlined process for accurate textile print production. You’ll be assured accurate pattern repeatability, with correct and consistent color management across all devices.