Three Square Technology

Onset X Series


In 2007 Inca launched the ground-breaking Onset platform, a real workhorse. Today, the Onset X Series, built on the stability of the original Onset, provides a singleplatform, scalable architecture that users can configure to provide the combination of speed and colours they need. Key to its flexibility is the unique 14-channel potential built into every Onset X. Inca has engineered modularity into the new platform meaning that upgrades can be carried out at customers’ sites and completed in just a few days.


The Onset X1 LT offers the amazing print quality of the Onset X Series at an entry level investment. It features a single set of CMYK inks with the option of additional colours at time of install or as an onsite upgrade. It is capable of producing 200m2/hr1 (40 beds/hr) for superb POP quality display graphics. There is an easy upgrade path that allows the Onset X1 LT convert to an Onset X1.


With a maximum throughput of 420m2/hr 1 (82 full beds/ hr) the Onset X1 is ideal for companies producing a mix of fast-turnaround retail graphics for distance viewing and high quality images for close up viewing. The eight channels are populated with 1 x CMYK and the remainder can be configured as required using light cyan, light magenta, white and orange (LcLmWO). When the time is right an additional six channel carriage can be added to scale up to the Onset X2.


As business grows, or as the initial investment, Onset X2 provides companies the capacity to extend the volume of jobs the business can handle. The addition of a second set of CMYK delivers even higher productivity, 707m2/hr1 (128 full beds/hr) while an optional six channels can be populated to add versatility and maintain its superb quality at a higher throughput.


Capable of printing up to a blistering 900 m2/hr (180 full beds/ hr), the Onset X3 sits at the current pinnacle of productivity. The 14 channels feature three sets of CMYK plus a choice of white or orange.


Full Width UV Lamp System

The Onset X Series offers fast, full width bi-directional printing with adjustable print finishes from a matt satin all the way up to a vibrant gloss on a wide range of media. Sensors monitor the amount of UV light exposure around the print carriage and control the cleaning cycles in the daily schedule to maintain optimum performance and printhead life.

Mechanical Substrate Height Detectors (MSHDs)

Inca Onset printers have two pairs of mechanical substrate height detectors to protect the printheads and carriage from damage while printing. These monitor for potential obstructions that exceed the substrate height during printing. Any obstruction that exceeds this height will trigger a detector and cause the printer to immediately stop all movement.

25 Zone Vacuum Table

The 25-zone vacuum table features a powerful vacuum system and skin which reduces the need for bed masking. This greatly reduces set-up times for the most common POS substrates and additionally increases throughput of short-run, fast-turnaround print. Vacuum zones are independently controlled and the auto zone function allows it to be easily managed by the operator. Frequently-used formats can be automatically programmed and stored in a user-created database.

Vacuum Bed Monitoring

All Onset printers have vacuum level monitoring which will stop the printer if the vacuum pressure is too low to hold the material securely. This helps to prevent possible damage to the print carriage when printing porous and/or materials that are not completely flat.

Easy to Use Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Inca has developed a new GUI for the Onset X Series that provides
a powerful yet simple-to-use printer and job management tool. The new GUI allows the operator to initiate and finalise jobs as well as save settings, create print queues while managing and optimising every stage of the print process. The GUI is multi-language capable.