Three Square Technology

Anapurna RTR 3200i LED

As the Anapurna RTR3200i LED is equipped with UV LED lamps, it enables you to print on a wide media mix and to save energy, costs and time.

The four color plus white version stands out by its ability to print white in different modes, improving the opacity of the printed material as well as increasing color contrast and readability. It thus transforms selfadhesive vinyl, PVC banners or backlit film into vibrant, multi-dimensional graphics that grab attention. The Anapurna RTR3200i LED can also handle dual-roll printing. This option enables you to double your productivity when printing on smaller media — whether it is paper, vinyl or polyester.

High productivity thanks to the latest generation of print heads

Incorporating the latest generation of fast-firing KM 1024i print heads, the Anapurna RTR3200i LED offers a high throughput while also achieving a high level of print quality. You will be able to maintain a high production on all substrates, satisfying your most demanding customers.

Wide range of media

Agfa Graphics’ large gamut of UV-curable inks enable printing on a broad range of flexible materials, including top such as fabric, canvas, self-adhesive vinyl, plastic film, paper and polyester including 100% PE eco-friendly material. The Anapurna RTR3200i LED has an excellent track record with outdoor applications such as billboards and building wraps.

Superior quality

The set of four or six KM1024i 12 picoliter heads guarantees printing of artefact-free solids, fine text reproduction of up to 4 pt, very smooth tonal rendering and low ink consumption. Next to the 4 (CMYK) or 6 (CMYKLcLm) print heads, this system features a robust and industrial engineered concept, fit for sustained higher workloads.

White printing to improve opacity, color contrast and readability

The Anapurna RTR3200i LED plus white operates with Agfa Graphics’ latest generation of white inks, which are highly opaque. This means you obtain a qualitative white output with low ink consumption on colored or dark substrates, as well as on transparent material for backlit or backlit/ frontlit applications. Alternatively, you can use white simply as a spot color.

Also, the Anapurna RTR3200i LED plus white has the possibility to run pre- and/or post-white concurrently in one production run, greatly expanding application possibilities.

Agfa Graphics inkjet inks – always spot on

Wide color gamut, no matter the medium

Agfa-made UV inks boast a wide color gamut and high color vibrancy in both indoor and outdoor applications. Providing outstanding adhesion–even on the most difficult substrates–these inks are your best option in terms of flexibility, image longevity and outdoor resistance. All of our UV inks–white and color–offer outstanding, stable jetting performance and deliver the same high-quality results, batch after batch.

Agfa’s UV-curable LED inks: always spot on

Relying on LED technology, our specially-formulated UV LED inks can print on heat-sensitive substrates, thus broadening the scope of possible applications. They are both customized and versatile, developed with a view of the many different media they are intended for, as well as the specifications of different print engines. Our inks for flexible media, for example, are perfectly suited for stretchable and bendable materials.

Vivid prints, low ink consumption

Thanks to the high pigment load of our inks, ink consumption per square meter is the lowest on the market. This ‘thin ink layer’ pigment dispersion technology not only results in eye-catching prints; reserve the environment and saves on your budget. In short, these inks offer the best possible price/quality ratio.

Advanced white printing and white ink management

Printing on backlit media? Creating an opaque white background? Using white as a spot color? The Anapurna RTR3200i LED supports white printing in multiple modes (e.g. pre-white, post-white, sandwich white) on both rigid and roll media. The stirring functionality keeps the white ink in motion at all times. Constant recirculation flows along the ink lines – all the way to the temperature-controlled printer heads – limiting the risk of ink resettling and lines becoming blocked or clogged. Outdoor communication

Driven by Asanti workflow

The Anapurna RTR3200i LED is driven by Agfa Graphics’ wide-format workflow software Asanti, which controls the entire printing process from prepress to production and finishing. As such, it simplifies, optimizes and automates as many steps as possible, offering you a high-performance solution for increased productivity.

Accuracy and consistency

The huge variety of file types to be handled significantly slows down the processing of print jobs and often leads to errors. These difficulties are overcome with the Asanti software. As the print settings for different media are stored in a database, Asanti is able to quickly call up the appropriate specifications and apply them. Rendering, image and color quality are automated, and Asanti checks files prior to printing, ensuring layers and transparency have been handled correctly, while flagging potential issues. By dramatically simplifying the task of the operator, reducing idle time and efficiently tackling issues prior to printing, turnaround is reduced and productivity is increased.

Intuitive GUI

The Asanti GUI works with improved visualization of the job layout and positioning: operators can see exactly what they are printing. The GUI offers access to key print parameters to make sure any last-minute changes are quick and easy to apply. Job preparation takes place independently from the Anapurna operation due to the client-server infrastructure. This complements the autonomy of the machine beautifully; ensuring operators are not tied to the printer when other tasks demand their attention.


StoreFront, a comprehensive web-to-print service, is designed to handle incoming orders from the internet. Automated payment processing and error-free print preparation ensure new jobs are ready for printing in no time and with a minimum of operator intervention.

Technical specifications – Anapurna RTR3200i LED

Media width61-320 cm (24”-126”)
Optional dual-roll kit available: support for 2 rolls of 152.4 cm (60”)
Print widthUp to 320 cm
Optional dual-roll kit available: support for 2 rolls of 152.4 cm (60”)
Borderless printing with mesh kitUp to 320 cm media width (126”)
Media thicknessMinimum 0.2 mm
Maximum roll weight
(including shaft)
100 kg (150kg)
Maximum roll diameter36 cm (14.17”)
Draft modeUp to 127 m²/h (Up to 1367 ft²)
Express mode76-85 m²/h (818-915 ft²)
Production mode37-65 m²/h (398-700 ft²)
Standard mode22-33 m²/h (237-355 ft²)
High-quality mode16-18 m²/h (172-194 ft²)
High-definition modeUp to 9 m²/h (Up to 97 ft²)
Backlit4-9 m²/h (43-97 ft²)
Print heads6 Konica-Minolta KM1024i high-frequency
print heads: 1024 nozzles/head, 12 pl (colors)
Ink6 Anapurna 1500 RTR LED-curable inks
Text quality positive4 point
Text Text quality negative6 point
Dimensions (w x h x d)5960 x 1650 x 1980 cm
Weight3500 kg
Floor space7.7 x 3 m
Europe380 V 3-phase star connection with neutral wire (3 x 30A) 50/60 Hz
USA230 V 3-phase delta connection without neutral wire (3 x 30A) 50/60 Hz
Integrated production solution with Asanti; other RIPs on request
Anapurna RTR3200i LED media/ink profiles available on Asanti