UV Flexible Ink

High quality output 
The Anapurna inkjet inks are stable formulations with short curing times and convenient handling properties. These digital inks print in sharp, vibrant colors on a wide range of flexible and rigid, coated and uncoated media. Generating high image quality, they offer an ideal solution for various indoor and outdoor applications. 

Outdoor durability 
Anapurna ink formulations are based on high quality pigments with high fade resistance to ensure stability for long-term outdoor applications. Accelerated weathering tests on different substrates indicate an outdoor durability of more than 2 years - probably even more than 3 years under Western European, outdoor conditions. In case the images are subject to extreme outdoor conditions (e.g. desert climate), we recommend lamination or coating of the images with a UV-protective layer. 

User Profile

Anapurna inks have excellent inking characteristics, which results in outstanding images: 

  • Optimized jetting behavior
  • Fast curing ensures high productivity
  • Excellent color gamut
  • Sharp vibrant colors for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Good adhesion on a wide variety of rigid and flexible, coated and uncoated substrates, such as PVC (vinyl, rigid and foam board), PET, papers, corrugated board and Dibond
  • Excellent fading resistance
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Low odor


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