Modular head configuration with field upgradeability

The Jeti Titan S (S for speed) features a single row of heads with 6 colors plus white, yet is field upgradeable to two rows of 6 colors plus white, thus becoming a Jeti Titan HS (high speed). Under the hood are the latest generation inkjet print heads, the Ricoh Gen 5 (1,280 nozzles vs. 384 in Gen 4).

Full speed 6-color printing with white on board

Both the Jeti Titan S and HS come standard with full-speed six-color printing (high fidelity CMYKLcLm). The addition of light cyan and light magenta expand the range of color gradations, making it possible to print more grey levels for more realistic, smoother skin tones and subtle degradées, producing more photorealistic images.

Also default in both models is (pre- and post) white printing, which is supported in different modes, and can include overprint, under-print, spot, under-spot, fill and over-spot for rigids and pre-white for roll media.

Reliable white ink system

The Jeti Titan's white ink system is designed to eliminate the resettling problems associated with the components of the white ink. The white ink bulk tank is in constant motion using a stirring mechanism. Constant circulation flow through the lines all the way to the heads is maintained at an optimized ink temperature to keep nozzles from clogging.

Flat-to-roll option for even more flexibility

Giving you even more production flexibility, the 'flat-to-roll' (FTR) option makes it possible to print roll material up to 3.2m (126") wide with the same high quality and resolution as rigid materials, without losing speed. The FTR option can handle rolls up to 250 lbs (113 kg) so you can buy media economically and compete in even more markets.

Dedicated inks

The Jeti Titan engines work perfectly together with Agfa Graphics' fast-curing Anuvia UV-curable inks that are designed specifically for high-end production platforms. Anuvia inks offer great resistance to chemicals and abrasions plus good adhesion on the substrate. Their sharp, vibrant colors combine high fade resistance and excellent lightfastness.

The Jeti Titans support the full range of industry standard rigid and flexible media.

Advanced electronics

The new electronics platform in the Jeti Titans is designed for the future, with many features that optimize the engines' printing performance.

Anti-static reliable printing

Many of today's rigid media are susceptible to static charge, especially in the dry colder months. Undesirable effects include "misting", dust artifacts, fuzzy images and type or even "ghosted" images. No need to worry about this with the Jeti Titan S and HS' antistatic system both negatively and positively charged areas of your media are neutralized.

Auto head height prevents head impact

With the auto head height system, an optical laser mounted on the carriage is used to measure the high point on the media's surface. The software then automatically adjusts the carriage height to optimize image quality while eliminating the risk of head strikes due to imperfect media.

Shuttle safety sensors

The in-line shuttle safety sensors prevent print heads from touching the substrate. This will prevent damage to the precious heads in case you are working with media that are susceptible to temperature, light conditions or to humidity for instance.

Advanced GUI design

The industry-renowned intuitive GUI of Agfa Graphics' printers provides the ultimate in functionality: scaling, stepping, reprints etc - default delivered with Asanti Render and designed to integrate with the full Asanti workflow, while also being open to third-party RIPs.

Asanti workflow for ultimate efficiency

Asanti workflow is a new concept for wide format printing job management. Asanti workflow provides new time saving functionalities such as the ability to prepare future jobs while printing other jobs, keeping track of copies printed for billing and inventory management, attaching notes with special instructions to the job and many more features.



  • Flatbed: 122" x 79" (309 cm x 200 cm)
  • Rolls: 126" (320 cm)
  • Flatbed: 122" x 79" (309 cm x 200 cm)
  • Rolls: 122" (309 cm)
Reinforced vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, canvas, 
fabrics, foamboard, corrugated board, 
lenticular, tile, drywall, glass, sheet metal, 
paper and more

2" (5 cm) 

Up to 1,722 ft²/hr (160 m²/hr) 

100 PSI minimum - 150 PSI (7-10 bar) maximum 
with a 10 gallon (40 liter tank) 15 cfm peak 

Prints high quality up to 720 x 1200 dpi 

Anuvia inks 
Inks Shelf life is 1 year for UV Inks 

Piezoelectric Ricoh Gen 5 heads 

  • 77.5" H x 95.5" W x 258" L 
    (197 cm x 243 cm x 655 cm)
  • Jeti Titan S / HS with FTR Dimensions 
    77.5" H x 167" W x 258" L 
    (197 cm x 424 cm x 655 cm)


  • Jeti Titan S / HS only 
    8,850 lbs (4,014 kg)
  • Jeti Titan S / HS FTR only 
    1,308 lbs (593 kg)


400Y / 230V, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz 
25 KVA (35A) 

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Three Square Technology Limited


Ultra-reliable 6-color true flatbed UV inkjet wide-format printer bringing superb quality and speed at the sharpest price.

The new Jeti Titan S and HS true flatbed six-color UV-inkjet printers for indoor and outdoor applications combine exceptional print quality and high speed for an unbeatable price/performance solution. The robust build quality engines incorporate the latest generation in inkjet print heads (Ricoh Gen 5) and come with double white as standard. While the Jeti Titan S is equipped with one row of print heads, the Jeti Titan HS has two rows offering even higher productivity.
The Jeti Titan S and HS have a 'flat-to-roll' option that will give you the ability to print flexible media up to 3.2m (126") wide with the same high quality and resolution.
All Jeti printers are part of a complete package which also includes Asanti workflow and dedicated inks - all designed to work together to ensure the best results and maximum productivity for a predictable income.

Unparalleled print quality

With its highly accurate drop placement and a 7 pico liter spot size, the Jeti Titan S/HS takes the high quality of the previous Jeti Titan engines a step further still. It can print fine text down to 4pt positive and negative and delivers six-color high-fidelity printing at 720 x 1200 dpi for photorealistic image quality.

It is therefore ideal for the production of close-viewed output such as quality point-of-purchase as well as high resolution backlit applications (day-and-night). Additionally, the printer is designed for high productivity wide-format applications such as general displays.

True flatbed with robust industrial build
The Jeti Titan S and HS have a 2 x 3m true flatbed design for optimum registration and repeatability. The moving table concept uses the latest generation of Ricoh Gen 5 print heads, motion drive and curing technology. The printers' frames are based on tubular solid steel for seven day/three shift endurance.

High-tech knowledge always at your finger points
The flagship of Agfa Graphics' inkjet portfolio builds on our extensive R&D knowledge and is serviced by one of the industry's most comprehensive support organizations.