:Jeti Tauro

Key Benefits

  • High-end hybrid flatbed printer: suitable for rigid and flexible substrates
  • Superior print quality
  • Outstanding productivity
  • Powered by the smart and easy-to-use Asanti workflow software
  • Ricoh Gen 5 print heads and advanced ink management
  • Compatible with the Acorta Automatic Cutting Plotter


Superior print quality

The high-quality print heads of the Jeti Tauro are equally divided over eight color bars. Accurate dot positioning is achieved thanks to the precise mechanical mounting of the heads, as well as smart drop formation and velocity control. Agfa Graphics' matched component approach guarantees that the UV-curing dose is perfectly tuned to the UV-ink sensitivity, preventing unwanted imaging artefacts due to under- or over ink fixation. The use of sophisticated gradient and masking algorithms results in outstanding print quality in all modes.

Outstanding Productivity

The Jeti Tauro achieves high productivity levels thanks to the print shuttle consisting of 32 fast-firing Ricoh Gen5 heads, each with four nozzle rows for two colors per head. Agfa's fast-curing inks and dedicated wave form are designed to work in perfect harmony with these print heads, resulting in high productivity levels while maintaining superior quality.

Advanced Automation

The Jeti Tauro comes standard with manual media loading tables, which are perfect for smaller runs. However, it can be upgraded with a semi-automated board feeder and stacker, reducing idle time and increasing production efficiency. Depending on the media size, this results in productivity gains of more than 30%. Parallel board printing will boost productivity even further.
Production efficiency is also enhanced by the integrated Asanti workflow software, characterized by fast image rendering and precise color management. Asanti integrates and enhances all processes from pre-press to operation of the Jeti Tauro printer and even to a comprehensive web-to-print service if required. The media database saves time by remembering the system settings specific to different media.


The Jeti Tauro features a robust build, perfect to cope with extreme workloads and 24/7 printing schedules. The vacuum-belt drive features excellent motion control for extreme dot positioning accuracy no matter what media has been loaded. The realities of uneven substrates are acknowledged with shuttle safety sensors that stop collisions, reducing potential downtime and printing errors. The Jeti Tauro is standard equipped with an antistatic device to eliminate static charges which negatively impact dot positioning accuracy.

More Features

  • Gloss and satin modes without image quality loss or extra ink usage
  • Easy maintenance access to print head shuttle
  • Vacuum belt drive system with state-of-the-art motion control. Guarantees highly precise dot positioning and accurate media transport.
  • Dynamic vacuum control in function of the belt coverage to assure the accurate slow-scan stepping
  • Welded steel constructed beam. With aligned rails, encoder strip, linear motors and hydraulic dampers to allow flawless movement and perfect positioning of the print head shuttle.
  • Pedal operates the vacuum table, the roll bars and starts and stops printing
  • Advanced GUI design with improved visualization of the job layout and positioning. Access to key print parameters to make sure any last minute changes are quick and easy to apply.


The Jeti Tauro will print on virtually everything: Banners, posters, signage (traffic, industrial info…), exhibit graphics, POP, mock-ups, back-lit, front lit, self-adhesives (labels). Also niche applications: DVDs, wood, art reproductions, personalized object printing (e.g. mouse mats), party gadgets, architectural and interior decoration, ceramics printing, lenticular printing…


Vivid printing with top-quality inks

The Jeti Tauro is designed for use with top-quality UV-curable inks from Agfa Graphics, which deliver fast curing, a wide color gamut and high color vibrancy for the most demanding wide-format indoor and outdoor applications. Offering very good adhesion on difficult substrates, these inks - both white and color - are the best choice for a wide range of applications, offering high image longevity and outdoor resistance. On top of that, our inks jet with extreme reliability, delivering the same high-quality results batch after batch.

Thin ink technology for nicer prints at a low cost

Thanks to the high-pigment load, the ink consumption per square meter is low. This so-called 'thin ink layer' pigment dispersion technology saves costs and results in nicer looking prints. Agfa's inks deliver the highest quality prints with the lowest ink consumption per square meter in the industry.

Outdoor durability

The Jeti Tauro supports the use of three dedicated Agfa Graphics ink sets. Standard, it comes with Anuvia HDC inks, which cover a very wide application scope. For long-term outdoor applications, where the focus lies on durability and weather-resistance, Agfa Graphics offers a dedicated set of inks. The same goes for flexible applications with a stretch factor of more than hundred percent.

Advanced white printing and ink management

The Jeti Tauro prints white in multiple modes (e.g. pre-white, post-white, sandwich) on rigid media and even does pre-white printing on roll media. The stirring functionality ensures the white ink in the bulk tank is in motion at all times. There are also constant recirculation flows along the ink lines, all the way to the temperature-controlled printer heads, so that there is no chance of ink resettling and lines becoming blocked or clogged.

Primer option

Difficult substrates such as polypropylene, PMMA/acrylic or polystyrene can pose adhesion and durability challenges in inkjet printing. With the primer option, primer can be quickly applied to create excellent surface tension for better results, either as a 'fill' (the whole area) or 'mask' (printed areas only). The UV-cured primer formulation is specifically designed for optimal results with the Ricoh Gen 5 heads on the Jeti Tauro. And as the primer is applied in low-coverage percentages, it hardly influences the cost per square meter produced output.


Powered by Asanti Workflow

The Jeti Tauro is enhanced when it is part of a full system from Agfa. The smart and user-friendly Asanti software streamlines workflow by dramatically reducing the margin for error and shortening pre-press procedures. It significantly simplifies not just the printing process, but the entire business process, delivering maximum productivity.

The Asanti GUI works with improved visualization of the job layout and positioning: operators can see exactly what they are printing. Extra accuracy is provided through the bi-directional communication with the Jeti Tauro printer. All the necessary production parameters that were specified during job preparation are picked up by the engine, thus avoiding potential mismatches between file preparation and output. The GUI offers access to key print parameters to make sure any last minute changes are quick and easy to apply. Print progress and even printing time estimations are provided.

Technical Specs


The Jeti Tauro printer comes in four configurations,

depending on the applications that you run.

Jeti Tauro H2500 6C  6 colors (24 heads)

Jeti Tauro H2500 6C W4  6 colors and white (28 heads)

Jeti Tauro H2500 6C W8  6 colors and white (32 heads)

Jeti Tauro H2500 6C W4 P2  6 colors, white and primer (30 heads)

Media & Printing Specifications

Rigid media

Maximum width: 2.54 m (100 or 8.33 ft)

Maximum length: 4.0 m (157.5 or 13.1 ft)

Minimum size: DIN A3, 29.7 x 42 cm (11.7 x 16.1)

Thickness: Min. 0.2 cm (80 mil) - max. 5 cm (1.97)

Maximum weight:

10 kg/m², with a maximum of 60 kg evenly distributed

over the table

Borderless printing: Yes. Also in combination with parallel board printing.

Flexible media

Maximum width: 2.54 m (100 or 8.33 ft)

Maximum length: Depends on total roll weight

Thickness: Min. 0.2 mm (8 mil) - max. 3.2 mm (118 mil)

Maximum weight: 100 kg (220 lb)

Maximum roll outside diameter

Support for 3-core media rolls with maximum outside diameter

360 mm (14)

Borderless printing flexible media: Yes


Express mode Up to 275 m²/hr (2960 ft²/hr)

Production mode Up to 138 m²/hr (1485 ft²/hr)

Standard mode Up to 69 m²/hr (742 ft²/hr)

High-quality mode Up to 62 m²/hr (667 ft²/hr)

High-definition mode Up to 41 m²/hr (441 ft²/hr)


Media types Rigid as well as flexible media

Print Heads & Inks

Print heads: 

Piezoelectric Ricoh Gen 5





Image & Text Quality

Prints high quality

Text quality Up to 725 x 1200 dpi

Engine Weight & Dimensions

Printer dimensions (H x W x L) 2.0 m (6.56 ft) x 1.92 m (6.29 ft) x 6.83 m (22.4 ft)

Flatbed printer with roll-to-roll unit weight 4100 kg (9039 lb)

Electricity & Compressed Air

Electricity 380 V / 480 V, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 63A

Compressed air 20l/min at 6 bar (87 PSI)

System Integration RIP / Workflow software

Asanti, third-party rips (end of the year)

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The Jeti Tauro is a hybrid printer, featuring media tables as well as an integrated roll-to-roll system. It accommodates rigid media as diverse as cardboards, foam board, composite aluminum, and PMMA, as well as rolled flexible substrates such as backlit film, UV-curable textiles, paper, PVC banners, mesh (with linear) and vinyl. The Jeti Tauro produces high-quality results on these materials, whether for indoor or outdoor applications. It prints to widths as great as 2.54 meters and can accommodate rigid media up to 4.0 meters in length.
Driven by Asanti workflow technology and optimized to work with Agfa's high-pigmented UV-inks, every aspect of the Jeti Tauro is perfectly suited to the quality and productivity demands of high-end sign and display printers. 


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