Jeti Mira


The highly reliable and incredibly versatile Jeti Mira is a true flatbed printer, featuring a moving gantry for printing on x- and y-axes with pinpoint precision. It produces industry-leading quality in six colors with or without white and/or varnish. The 7pl droplet size produces stunning detail and razor-sharp text even in something as small as 4-point type, both positive and negative.

The Jeti Mira features 'Print & Prepare' technology that allows you to load new media while the printer is still working. Quick, convenient and flexible.

As versatility is the key word with the Jeti Mira, you can also run a roll-to-roll system with the printer. The rails of the gantry extend to accommodate the roll-to-roll system.

The Jeti Mira is available with a table depth of either 1.6 m or 3.2 m against a width of 2.69 m. While the Jeti Mira S is equipped with one row of print heads, the Jeti Mira HS has two rows, offering even higher productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding quality in six colors with or without white and/or varnish
  • True flatbed printer with moving gantry for optimal reliability and flexibility
  • ‘Print and Prepare’ technology: load one side of the table while the other is printing
  • 6 different vacuum zones and 4 sets of registration pins for complete accuracy, even with double-sided printing
  • Optional roll-to-roll system for even greater versatility
  • Smart Asanti workflow software for streamlined and consistent production


‘Print & Prepare’ mode

Reduce your downtime and increase productivity. The Jeti Mira features Agfa's 'Print & Prepare' mode, allowing you to load one side of the table while the other is printing. It's perfect for large boards. It's perfect for small boards or objects. It's perfect for double-sided images too.

Multiple Vacuum Zones

Forget curling and skewing! The Jeti Mira features six different vacuum zones - three zones along the width of the flatbed table, at the front and at the back - to ensure your media does not budge as the gantry whisks its way along the x- and y-axes. You have automatic and independent control of the front and back vacuum zones. Once the printing is complete, the reverse-vacuum assist option makes it easy to remove.

Optional Roll-to-Roll System

This is a printer designed with versatility in mind. As such, the Jeti Mira can accommodate a super-efficient roll-to-roll system. It attaches immediately in front of the flat bed table, reducing the distance the media needs to travel and further decreasing the chance of skewing while improving accuracy on the y-axis. The roll-to-roll system minimizes waste, is upgradable and fits in perfectly with the movable gantry. You can detach it to keep it out of your way when performing rigid jobs.

Registration Pins on Every Corner

Guarantees a precise positioning of the substrate, even when it comes to double-sided printing or media not cut to perfection. The pins are operable electronically through the user interface or from a conveniently located set of activation buttons at each of the four corners.

More Features

  • Shuttle is standard equipped with anti-static bar, auto head height adjustment and shuttle safety sensors
  • Easy maintenance access to shuttle
  • Optional built-in camera
  • Advanced GUI design providing the ultimate in functionality: cropping, rotating, auto-nesting, scaling, stepping, saving job parameters for reprints etc.


The Jeti Mira will print virtually everything: Banners, posters, signage (traffic, industrial info…), exhibit graphics, POP, mock-ups, back-lit, front lit, self-adhesives (labels). Also niche applications: DVDs, wood, art reproductions, personalized object printing (e.g. mouse mats), party gadgets, architectural and interior decoration, lenticular printing…


Best-in-class Agfa-made inks: wide gamut, low consumption levels

Agfa Graphics' UV-inks deliver fast curing, a wide color gamut and high color vibrancy for the most demanding wide-format indoor and outdoor applications. Providing very good adhesion on difficult substrates, these inks - both white and color - are the best choice for a wide range of applications, offering high image longevity and outdoor resistance. On top of that, our inks are extremely jetting-reliable, delivering the same high-quality results batch after batch.

Thin ink technology for vivid prints at a low cost

Thanks to the high-pigment load, the ink consumption per square meter is low. This so-called 'thin ink layer' pigment dispersion technology saves costs and results in nicer looking prints. Agfa's inks deliver the highest quality prints with the lowest ink consumption per square meter in the industry.

Advanced white ink printing and management

Printing on backlit media? Are you in need of an opaque white background? The Jeti Mira supports white printing in several different modes. It prints white in multiple modes (e.g. pre-white, post-white, sandwich) on rigid media and even does pre-white printing on roll media. Thanks to its stirring functionality, the Jeti Mira ensures the white ink in the bulk tank is in motion at all times. There are also constant recirculation flows along the ink lines, all the way to the temperature-controlled printer heads, to ensure there is no chance of ink resettling and lines becoming blocked or clogged.

Primer Option

Difficult substrates can pose adhesion and durability challenges. This can be tackled by the primer option. As the primer is applied in low-coverage percentages, it hardly influencing the cost per square meter produced output.

Varnish Option

If you are looking for extra means of adding value and differentiating yourself from competitors, the Jeti Mira with varnish is a perfect opportunity. Used as a 'spot' varnish, it can add dramatic effects to many applications including POP displays, packaging, decorative prints, trade show graphics etc. This varnish option comes factory installed.


Powered by dedicated Asanti wide-format workflow software

The Jeti Mira is driven by the Asanti workflow software. It optimizes and automates the entire process, from prepress to production and finishing, increasing your productivity. Asanti's comprehensive integration of file handling, color management and pre-flighting also means that your jobs will be error-free and ready to send to wide-format output devices. In other words: no more mistakes, no more stress, no more loss of time.

Asanti is completed by Asanti StoreFront, a web-to-print solution that enables you to manage online stores and process print orders automatically.

Technical Specs


Jeti Mira MG2716 S/HS

Jeti Mira MG2732 S/HS

Media & Printing Specifications

Rigid media

Maximum width:

2.69 m (8.82 ft)

Maximum length:

MG2716: 1.6 m (5.24 ft)

MG2732: 3.2 m (10.49 ft)

Minimum size: 2.54 cm x 2.54 cm

Thickness: Min. 1 mm (40 mil) - max. 50 mm (1.97”)

Maximum weight: 37 kg/m² (7.57 lb/ft²)

Borderless printing: Up to 2.69 m x 1.59 m (8.82 ft x 5.21 ft) Up to 2.69 m x 3.19 m (8.82 ft x 10.46 ft)


Flexible media

Maximum width: 2.05 m (6.72 ft)

Maximum length: Depends on total roll weight

Thickness Max.: 3 mm

Maximum weight: 100 kg (220 lb)

Maximum roll outside diameter: 305 mm (12”)

Borderless printing flexible media: Up to 2.05 m (6.72 ft)



Draft mode:

S - 103 m²/hr (1,109 ft²/hr)

HS - 206 m²/hr (2,217 ft²/hr)

Express mode:

S - 67 m²/hr (721 ft²/hr)

HS - 134 m²/hr (1,442 ft²/hr)

Production mode:

S - 34.5 m²/hr (371 ft²/hr)

HS - 69 m²/hr (742 ft²/hr)

Standard mode:

S - 23 m²/hr (247 ft²/hr)

HS - 46 m²/hr (495 ft²/hr)

High-quality mode:

S - 17.5 m²/hr (188 ft²/hr)

HS - 35 m²/hr (377 ft²/hr)


S - 16 m²/hr (172 ft²/hr)

HS - 32m²/hr (344 ft²/hr)



Media types:

Reinforced vinyl, pressure-sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, foam board, corrugated

board, lenticular, tile, drywall, glass, sheet metal, paper and more


Print Heads & Inks

Print heads:

Piezoelectric Ricoh Gen 5






Image & Text Quality:

Prints high quality Up to 720 x 1200 dpi

Text quality 4 point

Engine Dimensions & Weight

Flatbed printer dimensions (H x W x L)

MG2716:1.63 m x 6.25 m x 2.54 m

(5.33 ft x 20.5 ft x 8.33 ft)

MG2732: 1.63 m x 6.25 m x 4.4 m

(5.33 ft x 20.5ft x 14.4 ft)


Flatbed printer with roll-to-roll unit dimensions

(H x W x L)

MG2716: 1.63 m x 6.25 m x 3.05 m

(5.33 ft x 20.5 ft x 10 ft)

MG2732: 1.63 m x 6.25 m x 4.9 m

(5.33 ft x 20.5 ft x 16 ft)


Flatbed printer weight :

MG2716: 2776 kg (6120 lb)

MG2732: 3456 kg (7620 lb)


Flatbed printer with roll-to-roll unit weight :

MG2716: 3721 kg (8203 lb)

MG2732: 4401 kg (9703 lb)


Electricity & Compressed Air


400Y / 230V, 3-phase 50/60 Hz

25 KVA (34A)

Compressed air:

5 cfm continuous air at 100-150 psi

(8.3 m3/hr at 6.9-10.3 bar).


System Integration RIP / Workflow software

Asanti, third-party rips

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