Agfa has a long-standing tradition in design, development and manufacturing of high-tech consumables for various imaging technology applications.

Agfa has defined the development of high-performance inkjet inks as a key area in their portfolio of strategic activities.

Agfa can boast its vast experience in general chemistry, color science, rheology, dispersion technology, along with many other technical assets for the development of inkjet inks.

In consequence, Agfa has gained an extensive know how in the field of inkjet inks and has protected this intellectual property through a large pile of patent families.

Moreover, Agfa has acquired experience in developing inkjet inks in relation to customer demands and based on system specifications, which include print head characteristics, types of substrate, drying/curing and other process conditions - all relying on Agfa's know-how in the field of inkjet printing.

For all these reasons Agfa claims to be the preferred ink partner. 

In this section, some of Agfa's technologies and know-how used in the development of customized inkjet inks & fluids are explained in basic terms. 
The design and development of customized inks require a high level of expertise in many areas, including pigment dispersions, ink formulation, ink / print head and ink / media interactions. 
For high-performance pigment dispersions Agfa developed a patented dispersion technology named PST (Pigment Shield Technology). 


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