is a complete solution designed to empower creative professionals to easily create breathtaking 3D and animated creations that are quickly ready for print.
HumanEyes Creative3D revolutionizes the creation of 3D content: designers can now, independently, create their own lenticular projects, have full control over the design, and pass the job on for easy output by the printer! 


Three Square Technology Limited

Open any 2D image in JPEG, TIFF or PSD format…or take your own shot using a single standard digital camera.

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PDF: HumanEyes Creative3D Flyer

Use one of our specialized matting tools to separate your picture into several layers. Then, fill-in the holes in background using the In-Painting tool.

Add the effect you’d like to see in the image: 3D, animation, flip and/or zoom. 

Print a preview of your project on a 5*7’’, 40 LPI lens media (HumanEyes offers a special lenses kit). 


HumanEyes’ turnkey solutions give industry professionals the ability to expand their portfolio of capabilities and services with new and unique solutions for all advertising media, from 3D-capable electronic display to conventional print, packaging, backlit signs, extra wide-format signs, business cards, greeting cards, notebooks, coasters and much more.